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Piano Movers

Piano Movers in Watertown, MA

Piano moving is a tricky process which involved a skilled hand. Even in the event that you've decided to spare a bit of money and hire an amateur moving company, it is wise to employ experienced piano movers to deal with your instrument.

Miss Cheryl's Moving, LLC has been ensuring the safe transport of Watertown, Massachusetts pianos for decades, and has a reputation for providing support that's dependable, efficient, and affordable. If you're arranging a move and are looking for a seasoned business that you can trust with your piano, then look no more.


Like all your belongings, pianos are precious things, but unlike your books or pots and pans, they need an additional degree of interest given their fragile nature. When moving, your piano can not be trusted with just anybody, you want a business that knows how to properly handle such an instrument.

Each piano is exceptional, and therefore needs a moving solution that reflects that. There are lots of factors to consider when transferring a piano, which range from size and type to the wood employed in its structure. By taking the time to fully examine your piano before getting it prepared for transport, Miss Cheryl's Moving, LLC can provide moving solutions that are tailored for your particular piano.


While some pianos can be transported in one piece, other, bigger models need careful disassembly so as to make the journey. If you own a grand piano or something similar, contact us today to ask about our disassembly procedure.

As with our normal moving services, when transferring pianos that require disassembly we take good care to expertly wrap each piece of the instrument so it is protected on all sides, ensuring it arrives at its destination with no scratches. Once your piano arrives at its new home, our experienced team will skillfully reassemble it, so that you may enjoy playing it straight away.


While some other moving companies could be able to move your piano, there's a world of difference between a moving company which can do the transfer, and one which will do it properly. Our trucks are specially equipped to transport pianos--we don't just put your piano in with all your other belongings and hope for the best.

When you employ us to move your piano, then you are hiring a company that views your instrument as something more than merely another piece of furniture. We understand how valuable pianos are, and are committed to exceeding our client's expectations with the quality of our services.


  • Experienced and organized moving planners and packing crew
  • Insured and bonded loading crew
  • Protection plans
  • Affordable rates with no hidden fees
  • Quality moving materials


If you are a Watertown, MA piano-owner who is on the move, get in touch with us now to discuss your piano moving strategy. Having a hardworking team that's dedicated to piano safety, we're the obvious choice for piano movers in town.

Discover why we are Watertown, Massachusetts' go-to piano moving company, and give us a call today.

Please Note, The Following Extra Charges May Apply:

  • 2 hour minimum, depending on the number of movers needed.
  • Time charged is calculated from the time we leave the shop until we return.
  • Additional fuel surcharge will be applied, and is dependent on your location.
  • Hoist charge is separate from moving costs.