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We are looking to hire experienced movers with a license. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

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Miss Cheryl's Moving, LLC

Commercial Movers

Moving is a natural part of the lifecycle of many Watertown, Massachusetts businesses.

Industrial Moving

Moving an industrial project is a huge undertaking and every moment a company is not working is a second that it is losing money.

Home Movers

Moving from one home to another can be a substantial life changing event for many people and households.

Local Movers

There is always something fascinating about a move, even if you're just moving down the road or across town.

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About us

Welcome to Miss Cheryl’s Moving, your one stop neighborhood movers!

We have 20+ years experience in the industry. As you know, moving is very stressful, our goal is to eliminate all of this stress. We are a full service moving company; we will pack all of your items safely, load larger items securely and most importantly save you time and money!

Every individual or company has consider relocation at some point or another. Why not make your move as smooth as possible and make sure that your possessions are in capable hands? Moving inside, or away from, Watertown, Massachusetts needn't be stressful once you enlist the assistance of the seasoned moving professionals at Miss Cheryl's Moving, LLC.

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Let us professionally pack your items to save you time and hassle!

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We are proud to offer both residential and commercial moving services.

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We will give you the proper guidance on all of your moving needs.

Trusted Company

As a local company, proudly serving Watertown, Massachusetts and surrounding areas, Miss Cheryl's Moving, LLC is committed to providing excellent services and maintaining our reputation in the area.

Trusted Services

When you hire Miss Cheryl's Moving, LLC, you’re hiring a full service Moving Company with the experience and expertise required for all your needs.

Our Team

Our team meets the highest standards in experience and skills. We work hard to ensure our staff are duly trained and remain up to date in the latest trends in the industry.